Weekend At My House

oh good golly that's sum tasty lemonade |  yep, it does matter

 fashion show (she requested background music) | movie night-ice age 3, loved it!

i heart red shoes  | maybe that scarf on my head is ridiculous after all

Yippee-ki-yay the kiddos start school today.
yes i'm that mom that can't wait to send her kids back to school. shame on me. they love school so i have no reason to feel bad. we decided to put them in the school they would be in when our new house is complete. new school...new environment...new friends...again. little nervous! (me,not them.) 
but i've got a real good feeling about these next couple months. although once again change is ahead for us, it's super exciting stuff. 

It's Monday!
Make it a great one!

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