Oh Tuesdays. Not a fan of the Tuesday at my house. 
Lots of lessons, lots of car rides and lots of "hurry ups". After school yesterday Lucy was sure that the world was coming to an end. She was starving to death, her brother was looking at her gross, she claimed to have forgotten how to put on her shoes, her ballet outfit was disgusting (that's her new word for everything) and then the (fake) tears came pouring out. I was done. Had had it. Checked out. You know what I said to her? 

"If you don't stop whining right now then I'm going to stick this hot pad up your bum."

Yes. Yes I did. And then of course waved the hot pad with furry in the air so she knew I meant business (hot pad because at my cracking moment I was taking dinner out of the oven).
Kelson starting laughing because of what I had said.
I started laughing because Kels was laughing at me and my lunatic moment.
Berks started laughing because he could.
Lucy had to cry (fake) tears even harder and louder because we were laughing "at her".
Give me a freakin break.
And that's precisely what I did. 

Babysitter. Check. Starbucks treat. Check. Manicure. Check.
A Moms gotta do what a Moms gotta do. 
It's a whole lot cheaper (and much more fun) than the crazy house.
What have you done lately to give yourself a break?
What? You haven't taken a break in three months? Nonsense.
Hurry. Run. Before you go start waving hot pads at your kids.

P.S. Could you even imagine THIS? WOW!
P.S.S. Looking for a cute hot pad?


Pam said...

Thanks for the laugh! I loved it!

Anonymous said...

OMG have I mentioned lately how much I love you and even more so how much i love that you have Lucy in your life?..... You should have farted, it would have made it even better