TT (Trendy Tuesday)

This trend gets me all sorts of excited from head to toe~literally. Brooches: Fancy spelling for fanciness! You can add them to your hat or add them to a shoe. You can also add them to everything in between (scarf, lapel, shoulders, collar, waist, belt). How could one not love being drenched in jewels?

Once upon a time during my younger years brooches were smashing. Mostly worn at the tippy top of a button down. Darn. Why did I ever downsize my accessory collection?  Watch the clip below for somebrooch inspiration. Brooches aren't just for your Granny. Check your local antique store for some unique beauties. My friend just picked up THE COOLEST jewel encrusted turtle brooch. Funny thing, I was drooling over it to actually wear. She on the other hand would never wear such an ugly thing. She bought it to turn it into a pushpin for her cork board. Might have to steal it from her!

It's TrEnDy TuEsDaY...Do you DARE?

P.S. I totally heart the first outfit in this video. Tartan plaid + denim + scarf + brooch=genius.

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