January Product Pick-Me-Ups

Welcome January!
Do you have a case of the January blahs? The Holidays are over, the social calendar is blank, and the house is empty because the tree went bye bye. I can relate. So let's beat those blahs by taking care of you. Here are a few of my product favorites to help you bring in the new year with a glow. 

Don't you think January would be the perfect time to take a tropical vacation? Agreed! But it's not happening at my house. Instead I'll be buying my tropical vacation in a tube. THIS is a great (fairly new) product that I think you'll really like. Go ahead, cover those pasty white arms and legs.

I posted THIS product as my January must have. I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this facial illuminator.  It comes in a couple different shades. All are mucho fabulous but currently I'm using the color called Orgasm. My face is loving it!;)

Benefit has done it again. I am a BIG fan of Benefit products and THIS eye shadow kit is the cats meow! You're eyelids will be winking with the perfect natural glow.
I have not yet taken the plunge  to invest in THIS luxurious body oil ($$$) but some day I definitely will. Every time I hit a Sephora I have to give it a try. It's light smell and hint of shimmer is so fun for a little all over pick-me-up. Next time your in Sephora try it out!

 color: orgasm

color: super orgasm
(I swear I'm not making these names ups!)

THESE two blushes by NARS are fabulous. The end! Did I mention they are fabulous?

Now that the Holiday's are over I've stashed away my red hot red lips (for a couple days anyway) and I've really been enjoying THIS very neutral gloss.
By Sephora color 20 shiny perfect nude.

And lastly THIS nail polish called Bare To Be Different is a great Happy New Year color. It's actually not really a "color" at all, but sometimes a girl just needs a pretty polished natural color.

There you go. Check out your local Sephora for some fun 2013 product finds.
If you can splurge on one of the above listed pick-me-ups I HIGHLY recommend the NARS illuminator.

Tip: A touch of natural looking color and shimmer go a LONG way.

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