Weekend At My House

 Did a little decorating.

Stared at the new dining room-that is sized for giants (it's ridiculously huge)
and frazzled my brain with what to do with it.
Conclusion...TBA aka Who knows!

Sneak peek of the kitchen before we moved in.
That island is 6ft x 6ft. You could tap dance on it. 
Not that I tried.:)

 After HOURS of furniture shopping sometimes one needs a little treat.
Note: I draw the line at ice cream!

 New couch!

In case you're curious.
House Facts:
Square feet: Too big! I'm not use to all this space.
Lot: 3/4 acre, A LOT of dirt and gazillions of $$$$ to landscape-sigh
4 garages that we can't park a car in because they're full of stuff. 
beds: 5
baths: 3
craft room or "crap" room according to Prince Charming
formal living room to collect dust
formal dining room for giants
lovely sitting room off master bedroom that will sit empty because we're WAY too poor to furnish
My favorite feature: his and her closets!

Next wishes are THESE bar stools and THIS rug. 
Darn it, I need a job!

It's Monday!
Make it a great one.

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Jenette said...

I love the picture with the rain boots.