A Boy and His Box

What's the fun in toys when you've got a box?

My body is so sore today I can barely move. I taught a class Monday night and kicked my own butt. Whoops. I ran into a lady yesterday who attended the class and she said she wanted to punch me in the face.  Fitness instructors don't take words like that as threats. They're more like compliments to us! I'll have to tell ya all about it. To give you a hint it's called plyometrics. My secret whoop booty weapon. I have a handful of ideas I'd like to share I just haven't had time to sit down and compose them. So, stay tuned. 
For the rest of the week my "Peeps" aka BFF is coming to town. 
I'm so excited I can hardly contain myself. 
We're going to shop and eat our way through Scottsdale. 
Hope all is super happy and healthy your way.
Keep smiling and we'll see ya soon.

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