Weekend At My House

let me just cut to the chase and confess that i spent the majority of my weekend being annoyed and moped around the house wishing i had this and wanting that. all those wishes and wants of course had no significant importance to me or my family's well-being. no, just beautiful "things" for my home. being patient sucks. that's all i have to say about that. finally sunday evening i (sorta) got over myself and pulled out some of my old crap and cleaned up the disastrous bonus room that has been a dumping station since we moved in. and when i was done i admit there was satisfaction. is it my ideal? heck no. does it work? yeah. i know, i know. stuff is just stuff that doesn't matter. it just doesn't matter. and even though i truly know this i will still go on living my life wanting things. beautiful things. sorry about that. it's just who i am. does that make me a horrible lady who is all wacked up with her priorities? somedays probably. i'm not perfect. but never will stuff come before my family. and that has to count for something right?

hope you all had a lovely easter. our day was quiet but nice. in my opinion prince charming won the spring ensemble award with his bow tie and seersucker jacket....that he picked out all by himself. impressive right? man he's got some serious swagger!

it's monday.
make it a GREAT one.

p.s. my kids are so freakin cute it's ridiculous. :)

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Jenette said...

You would be proud of me... I bought a pair of yellowc shoes instead of a black pair. I am finally incorporating color into my footwear.