One Of Those Days

that's all i can think to say right now.
i've been sitting at home waiting and waiting and waiting...
on other people. (painter, tile guy, electrician, etc.)
you see, they give you these "windows".
8-12 pm, 10-2 pm, 8-5 pm, you get the idea.
and they're always running behind.
it messes up my schedule.
it messes up my day~like makes me stay home and do laundry. phf..
it puts me in an annoyed sort of mood.
3 days in a row i've been waiting.
3 days.
and it's still not over.
i even had to reschedule my hair appointment so that i could... "wait".
as if. that alone is like end-of-the-world stuff right?
guess i better digest a pb and nutella sandwich (or two).

p.s. a little project while i was waiting. it took me longer to clean the brush than to complete my masterpiece.

yes, that would be a queen mattress on a king bed frame. what can i say? that's the way we roll around here. a little dose of ghetto!

p.s.s. discovered THIS blog during my waits. i really like it!

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