It's A Thong Thing

Did you live back with the dinosaurs when a thong was a piece of footwear not a piece of string up your butt?
ME to.
I have found the thongs aka flip flops of the year.
The price will totally make you say "yeah right" but...
your feet will love them.
I live in AZ. A good pair of flip flops are priceless!
I want them in every color!
I chose the nude and have worn them nonstop since I got them. 
Now that's true LOVE.
Buy yours HERE.

Jump for joy it's FRIDAY.
See you!

P.S. Obviously still obsessing over my new photo app. 

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Annette M said...

Cute "thongs"! lol I got out of the habit of calling them that when we were overseas where they are called "slippers." Have you tried Flojos flip flops? I bought a pair last year and I heart them! They actually have a little arch, they are sooo comfy. :)