Weekend at my House

oh there I go again with my new photo app obsession.

Happy Monday Everyone!

You see those two hot INSANE babes up there. Those are my new INSANITY friends.
I attended the INSANITY training this weekend. Gilbert you better watch out!

Okay enough of that but maybe I should share that it's a miracle I walked out of the training alive.
Barely alive that is.

what else?

Well, I had a conversation with my BFF about smoothies and poop. And well that conversation just ended with one big belly laugh. Poop can be sorta funny you know. Farts on the other hand-hilarious!


The lady at the sandwich shop lost her dentures for a moment while making my sandwich. 
She just carried on like nothing had happened and just typing this is making me laugh my guts out because it was so odd and weird and funny all at the same time. Maybe you had to be there?

okay well...

Berkie's potty training is coming along nicely.
Oh darn, should have saved that one for facebook.

oh oh oh...

you must go download the new Vampire Weekend song
Click HERE for a sneak peak.

here's a good one...

the odometer on my car hit 77777.
Whoo wee! That's what I call LUUUCKEEEE.

this post is pretty retarded. 


It's Monday. It's almost over. And I hope you made it a great one!

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