It's Trendy Tuesday...Do You Dare?

Welcome to the world of knee socks!! They are hitting the runways EVERYWHERE. Don't you think they should be part of your own wardrobe runway? Sure, for a split second after putting them on you may feel like you have gone back in time to the first grade. But hold out, give 'em a try. You just might likey. They're cozy, cute and add sass and crazy color to any outfit. And the best part is, you can round yourself up a pair for under $5 bucks!

P.S. No solids aloud! And if I catch you wearing a pair of knee high hose to imitate the look of a real pair of knee socks-Watch out! For sure the fashion police will haul you to jail. No questions asked!

Comfort Levels of the Knee Sock

Level I
Your Thoughts: Maybe no one will notice my attempt to be hip.

Level II
Your Thoughts: Hmm...maybe I could pull this off?
(These are one of my latest favorite pair of socks. They came from "Home" $8 in hosiery section.)

Level III
Your Thoughts: I've got nothing to hide cuz I've got style!

Level IV
The Dare Devil- Knee socks and heels!
Your Thoughts: No way Jose! What bimbo would wear that? Careful now....I would!
Knee socks NOT to try! Click HERE. These are FUGLY!

What do I wear on top? Knee socks can be worn with both skirts and shorts. Pair with a light weight sweater and a fun scarf and you're ready to make a fashion statement of your own.

Alternative: For all my friends who are 29 (wink wink) and truly can't pull off a pair of knee socks, try a pair of argyle socks with a pair of heels and non-mom jeans (flare or bootcut). CUTIE!

How'd she do that? The flamingo secret is out. It was freezing outside when we were taking these pics! After viewing the photos they totally reminded of "the lamp" off of The Christmas Story movie. Next time we'll be sure to shoot both legs!

Go on, try a pair of knee socks. I DOUBLE DOG DARE YOU! We'd all love to hear your opinion about the knee sock trend. Til next time...Shop On!


Julianna said...

If only I had the legs for that look.

Rachel said...

Are those the Miz Mooz boots you sent me the link to? Too cute!! What does Princess Pookie have to say about chubby calf girl (that's me!) in knee highs?

Annette said...

I keep thinking, "These would look so cute.... with the right outfit....."