October "Girlie Princess" of the Month

Meet My Newest Girlie Princess Friend
Name: Marilyn
Age: Forever 29
Occupation: Massage Appt. Specialist (okay, really she's a nurse.)
Passion: Taking care of her "FIRST!"
Princess Survival Tip: You MUST take a moment for you each day. Every woman needs an outlet. Ideas may include: Eating a Snickers bar while locked in your bedroom, taking a bath, reading a book and my personal favorite...chewing Bazooka bubble gum while taking a walk (she really said that).
New Found Hobby: Dirt Biking--You go Girlie Princess!
Latest Discovery: Taking a bath with a portable DVD player propped up on the toilet! Good Thinkn'!

Thank you Marilyn for sharing your philosophies with us. You are a true Girlie Princess!

Note: Marilyn will be spa hopping for us in the month of November to find out which spa provides the best ambiance. Have fun! (Just Kidding! But I'm sure if I foot the bill she'd be more than happy to go!)

What's your Girlie Princess outlet? Please share!
Princess Pookie's outlet is this silly blog. And shopping of course!

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