You Asked...I Tell

Need a kick in the "boot"-ie! I responded to one of my blog follower's questions with this. Thought I'd share just in case you cared to know.

Princess Rachel asked: I need a nice brown boot...any ideas/tips???
Princess Pookie's Response:
Hey Rachel-Here's my opinion on boots. Take or leave it--I know I have crazy opinions!:) Cheap boots look like cheap boots--final answer! (Those of you reading this I know what you're thinking..."Boot Brat"! Yes, I do have cheap, or should I say inexpensive, boots in my closet too.) Boots are definitely an investment! If you can afford it--and if you haven't bought anything for yourself in over a year you can afford it-my advice is to buy a "timeless" pair that you love and can wear for a long time. Sure styles change but there are a lot of classic styles out there. My assumptions...You're a mom so probably nothing with a heel, something that can be worn with skirts AND jeans (And shorts in the winter if you're me!), and matches all styles. Here are the three choices I directed her to.
Choice A-classic brown boot with a bit of flair. LOVE THESE! However, you'll be eating Top Ramon for a while with a purchase like this.
Choice B-Little boring but will never go out of style. If you're wanting something a little more sassy go with a wedge or kitten heel. A little more trendy but still comfortable. Check these out.
Choice C
My brown boots are "Miz Mooz" and I love them! I know all the ones I've shown you are pricey. So there ya have it...Princess Pookie's opinion. Happy boot shopping!
(In case you didn't know, anytime you see YELLOW text, it's a link! Click on the "choices" and you'll be able to see the boots I recommended to Rachel.)
So, which style did Rachel choose? When you get the guts to make the investment/purchase, make sure you let us know.
Boot Buying Advice: If you are going to throw down some green for a pair of boots, MAKE SURE THEY ARE COMFORTABLE or you won't wear them-no matter how fabulous they are!
Boot Outfit Challenge: Pull those summer capri's back out and wear them with your boots! Now that's what I call Princess Pookie fashion!

A. Rolled up capri: YES!

B. Wide leg capri: YES!

C. Straight leg "ankle" length capri: Not so much! These have potential to look more like you are wearing "floods" rather than a cute capri with a boot.

P.S. It's not normal for your foot to go numb in a pair of boots. Or in any pair of shoes for that matter! It happened to me just today. I was sitting at dinner-in a restaurant-and yes, I had to slip my boot off. Good thing my sock didn't have any holes! Get this...I was wearing a cheap pair of booties from Payless. Serves me right for wearing cheap boots!

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