STOP! and Shop!

Alright princesses...here's your first STOP! and Shop! so take note. I'm letting out some top secret info. here so you better perk up! You MUST check out the clearance racks at Target. (Pronounced "Tarje" in case you were wondering.) So that wasn't a very exciting STOP! and Shop! secret but I can't begin to tell you how much of my clothing comes from here. People are shocked when I tell them that something I'm wearing came from the Target clearance rack. Maybe I should start lying about it?? :D These racks have some GREAT stuff AND not so great stuff too so be careful! Before you buy a clearance item you need to ask yourself if you're buying it because of the price or because it's killer cute and you'll actually wear it. (I know you shopaholics out there know exactly what I'm talking about.) Remember...sometimes there's a reason why a clothing item has been put on clearance! For example, that fugly "broom stick" skirt hanging in your closet...ya...let it collect dust on the clearance rack instead of in your closet. The best part about buying Target clearance style is that you won't feel bad donating it once the season is over. (That's a hole other blog...Closet Cleaning: Ditching the old and out dated.) And...then you get to shop all over again for the new season. NICE!
A Few of My Target Clearance Rack Finds!
Killer rain boots! Wore these today and dead serious...4 princesses asked me if my boots were Ed Hardy Nope...Target.com-14.99! These babies are priceless. And uber fashionable. They make me wanna sing in the rain.

This dotty hottie dress-$13 and YELLOW bracelet-$2! Sweet!

Gray pearl bobilty bobble bracelet. Um...probably $4 and bracelet "Fit for a PRINCESS "-$6

Necklaces! All of these ranged from $6-$10

Unless it's an absolutely to-die-for clearance accessory, I refuse to spend over $10. Generally I stick with the cuties under $6.
These crazy PURPLE footless tights-$3. Solid black with a pop of sassy color. Super duper cool. You can't see it very well but I'm wearing TWO necklaces again. Remember what I said? Two is better than one-almost always!
All about the LOVE hoodie-$11

And other various bargains

This pup was over the $15 dollar limit but who can resist embroidered whales and skulls. Cheeky but chicy!

I had several more clearance rack items I could have shared but my little man made me pinkie swear "no more photos". Poor dude...what a crazy mother.
(He had to assist me with the majority of this photo shoot.)

On clothing clearance items it's rare for me to go over the $15 dollar limit.

Clearance item prices MUST fit my clearance minded budget.

NOTE: All the prices listed are approx. and rounded up. Target clearance prices have random endings like .09 or .58. Random!

Strut in to your local TARGET store, open up those baby blue eyes (or brown, green, hazel) and dig through that clearance rack. You never know what special something is waiting for your affection.

Who needs Malibu BARBIE when your mommy collects shoe boxes?! Almost daily my little princess plays in my closet. Precious maybe??....not so much. You don't have to clean it up!

P.S. When I use the term "fugly" it's not a typo. It's just a silly Princess Pookie word. It means super-de-duper ugly. Try using this word. It's pronounced fuuuuuugly.:D


Jenette said...

I love the Target Clearance Racks. I have to comb through them whenever I go into Target even if I am not going to buy anything.

Lauri said...

I got a pair of green chunky braclets their today for $3.48! Not too bad, eh! Oh yeah and my ruffle black shirt but it wasn't on the clearance rack. Still, only $14.99.

The Henricksen Journal said...

I am so impressed with your photographer! Does he do family photos?

Julianna said...

Yep, not a trip to Target without hitting the clearance racks in almost all departments.

Your obsession with skulls cracks me up.