These Are a Few Of My Favorite Things...

Quick Flashback! These were on my wish list probably around the year 1991. DUCK shoes! These were super cool in the SLC hood. (Salt Lake City) Did you ever own a pair?

Now on to the important stuff...
Gift giving! Let's face it. EVERYONE likes to find a little surprise under the tree Christmas morning. I have decided that there are three types of gift giving when you're in a relationship and they are as follows:

A) Year after year you make an agreement with your significant other NOT exchange gifts this year. And year after year this eventually comes back to haunt you with either disappointment or bickering.

B) If there are gifts under the tree, you purchased them your self & wrote FROM: HIM on them.

C) If he did buy gifts, you're already practicing the "You shouldn't have" face and have already decided what you're going to exchange them for.

So...which category do you fall in to?

For me, and I think probably for most, it's not about the money spent (most times :D)but the thought put behind the gift. And it doesn't take a ton of thought. Just an itty bitty ounce usually does the trick. DUDES... if you'd clean the ear wax out of your ears every once in a while I can guarantee your wifey pooh makes subtle hints all year long about simple desires. So, read below for some Princess Pookie gift giving advice. BTW: My Prince Charming doesn't need this advice anymore. He gets it...finally!:) Love you babe!

Engraving~can be on just a simple $20 band. This will mean more than the $500 jewel you can't afford.

100 reasons why I love you list~my husband did this once...I treasure it! Tie it to a small gift that is significant to the list. Something like THIS would bring a tear to her eye.

Photographs~get in touch with your "pink" side and enlarge some of your favorite photos. Just make sure they are not of fishing, moose heads or a sporting event you've been to~duh!

Thoughtful jewelry such as THIS and tell her how "lucky" you are that she's yours.

Tickets to Events~And you arrange for the sitter!

Gift certificate to "Dinner's Ready"~ and you go prepare the meals!

House Cleaning Gift Certificate (NOT homemade coupon from you. The real thing dork!)~and set it up in advance for her. (Day after new years is a GREAT time!)

Gift card that is tied to a mini gift significant to the gift card. Ex. Tie a Target gift card to a Target recyclable bag or a NORDSTROM gift card to THIS. Clever eh??

Spice up practicals~if she's asking for a new vacuum, get her the pink one. Pink makes everything more fun. Red too!

There you have it gentleman. Now SHOP til you DROP! (I'm sure it won't take long.)

Christmas Gift No No's
*Home made coupon book~ Cop out! No one ever redeems them anyway!
*Clothing she hasn't specifically picked out~she WILL return it!
*Sexy underwear~save that one for the anniversary. It's the Holidays...trust me, she's too tired
*Power tools~whatever dude, you're not fooling anyone!

Good Luck Prince Charmings...may the force be with you. Warning: If you wait until Christmas Eve to do the shopping, you're screwed!

P.S. Dudes...if you don't get the Christmas gift giving right, your Princess is going to buy you one of THESE pups. Just what you've always wanted.
Hand Made Christmas Give Away #4
{Thursday 12.18}

"Giggle LOVE" This is a one of a kind Princess Poookie wooden bangle. It's guaranteed to make you LIVE your life with lots of LOVE and LAUGHTER.

Question: Do you prefer Christmas RED or Grinch GREEN?

To find this little lovely in your mailbox answer the above question by clicking on "Fashion Experts" at the bottom of this post. Remember, you have until Saturday morning to leave your comments and get a chance win a rare Princess Pookie Hand made original. :)

For those of you who may be new to my give away thing, scroll down and read up on the give away fun.

Can someone tell me why the song "These are a few of my favorite things" considered a Chrsitmas song? I don't dig it!


annette said...

Red. It's a neutral. :)

On the topic of man-gifting... I heard a gooood one yesterday.

One of my coworkers has somehow managed to end up with the job of snow-removal by default (despite having a husband - who has lost his privilage of being called Prince Charming - and older teenaged sons... Hmm... this may also be a parenting issue...) So Tuesday on her lunch break, she bought herself a new shovel. When she went home that night, her husband said, (get this!), "But honey, I was going to buy you that for Christmas...."

THIS from a man who just bought himself a new big screen T.V. "for the family." Yeah. Uh-huh. We believe THAT... (sarcasm)

She showed him this: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4wTg6YB2PRA

Good girl. :)

Lauri said...

Defiantley Christmas RED! I don't do green well and when I do it isn't Christmas green. I don't like looking like grass all day.

Tom does pretty well on gift giving but I do give him a list of wants that he picks and chooses. He tries to be creative and come up with at least one thing that isn't on my list and usually does pretty well.

Joee said...

lets think about this...I went to the U, my wedding revolved around red, and all my favorite outfits are red... I think I LOVE RED! My hubby likes green, but it takes a certain something to look good in green...

p.s. we have a B going on at our house... If I didn't do the shopping I would get NOTHING! My hubby always claims that he has no time to shop, or think of gifts... cop-out!
But, on the bright side, I do LOVE what I get myself every year!

Jenette said...

I think that I like red better than green but I like more of a cranberry red...

I do have to say that I think my husband is the exception for buying me clothes. He does a really good job picking out nice articles.

Urie's said...

I love red. I also love pink. Are we related?

The Henricksen Journal said...

RED! Which is strange because my favorite color is green. Hmmmm....

I am right there with you on "These are a few of my favorite things" christmas song. It's not. I think because the song mentions "warm woolen mittens" that it has something to do with winter? Plus "brown paper packages tied up with strings?" maybe?

A change of Heart said...

Ha! I just finished "these are a few of my favorite things post"- and then clicked on your blog to see what fancy smancy thing you made.

I am a red all the way... ok no wait- I dig green too. Sorry, don't pick me for this one- I can't even answer your question!

Jill said...

I was having a christmas red season until Tuesday morning when my husband text me from Europe telling me i had 24 hours to come up with the perfect Christmas outfit to wear to a Christmas party to meet all of the executives he works with--these are people I have never seen before and i live in Greensboro--the closest nordstroms is 45 minutes away--I panicked and the whole season turned grinch green--the next day he told me 8:00 in the morning I needed to buy a gift for his administrative assistant (a lady I have never met) but he needed it by 12:00--did I forget to mention that I was in charge of my 7 year olds party on this exact same day--something that had not been well planned because I had spent the last 24 hours frantically running around Greensboro trying to find the perfect Christmas outfit to impress all of my husbands new bosses--where is princess pookie when i need her?????

Julianna said...

Red, red, red!

P.S. Clint Jorgenson is sitting in my office doing our year end audit. I didn't recognize him. He said, "we know each other." I said, "we do?" Then he told me how we knew each other. He's offended that I didn't recognize him. hahah!

Mandy said...

You are SO crafty. I LOVE all your goodies you've been making!

I say RED!!! There are some pretty cute shades of green out there now a days though.