Christmas Is Coming The Goose Is Getting Fat

Are you feeling like this yet?

Anybody having a case of the "fat & uglies? Here...let me help.

1. Wear black!

2. Put some make up on and dress a little fancier than you normally would to run those last minute Holiday errands.

3. Pick up THIS and THIS (I love how all the girls modeling these are 95 lbs.) They REALLY do work in case you were wondering.

4. Meet a girlfriend for lunch~order a broth soup and skip the soda but DO share dessert.

5. Use THIS? Do they really still make these? BTW: One of these makes for a hilarious white elephant gift. Search your local thrift store.

6. Buy THESE, THESE or THESE. Shoes make everything better!
7. Trade in the stretchy pants today for jeans


9. Park further away than you normally would. The fresh air and lengthier walk will do you good.

10. Think of someone else today. Here are some ideas: text a random love note to your prince, offer to watch your girlfriend's babes while she does last minute shopping, take a happy meal to your kido at school (Kels keeps begging me to do this!), deliver an unexpected Starbucks treat to a co-worker.

And...if none of the above work, buy yourself THIS. Hello? Diamonds fix everything...right?! However, you may NOT blame your buyer's remorse on me.

Assignment: Tonight before you rest your pretty head do 15 push ups at your bedside. It's a win win. You'll either laugh at yourself for almost having a cardiac arrest at #2 or be proud of yourself for completing the task.

Christmas Give Away #3

Princess Pookie Couture Headbands. {Bedazzled Bee or Bitty Birdie}

You may choose one of the above headbands. The little birdie is meant for small fries but I'd totally wear it! Wanted to give you the option just in case you don't favor the headband look. However, if you haven't tried on a headband since the 5th grade...you should give it a shot. You might like it!

A closer look! These have been such a joy to make. I adore them however, my mini princess (Lulu)...not so much! I'm in the process of making her a "Cinderella" one. She's much more excited about that one!
SO.....here's your question.
Question: What is you favorite Christmas edible indulgent?

Click on "Fashion Experts" below to answer the question and enter yourself to win todays give away.
THIS is mine!~Ew...nasty. However, the variety of "flavors" is a bit amusing!

Join me tomorrow for "My Favorite Things". Princesses, if your Prince Charming needs some Holiday brain stimulation, refer him here if you like what you see!

P.S. HERE's a movie that seems to make the Holiday TV circuit. These movies are totally dumb but you must admit, they have their funny "mole"ments!


Anna said...

At Chick-fil-a they have this AMAZING chocolate chip peppermint shake. You are probably thinking ewe a shake from chick-fil-a but they are gooooooooood. Whenever I get one my mom doensn't want one because hello calories! She pretends to have just a sip of mine but next think I know it is gone.

Caroline said...

My Grandmother always used to make icebox cake on Christmas day (you know what i am talking about , just whipped cream and chocolate wafers ). Not only is it yum yum yummmy it always makes me think of her . I make one every year now.

Lauri said...

First of all you are such a naughty girl! Ya right....I love peppermint ice cream, especially when shared right out of the container with a girlfriend after a long day's work ;-)

Jenette said...

I like homemade apple pie...

Joee said...

My mom makes AMAZING candy. Every year I sit down to eat it ALL, until she yells at me, to save some for the family... (who needs family anyway? I say lets just give them the stuff I TRY to make, and let me have the goods!)

Urie's said...


annette said...

I have a few patients who bring in Christmas goodies. One lady brings in a homemade salted nut roll that is to die for. A guy (who is Jewish - Hannukah treats!) makes amazing caramel and toffee... I look forward to that. The guy's wife was in on Monday, and she brought in the caramel and toffee on a very pretty blue/white/yellow ceramic plate with stars and fish on it.

Still no word from the salted nut roll lady. What's up with that? I try to always keep these people on the schedule in December.... hee hee hee I'm bad....

The Henricksen Journal said...

Caramel Cashew Cookies dipped in Chocolate (Mrs. Fields recipe) - mostly I like to bake them.

Mandy said...

I'm not in love with eggnog but I have a very special memory with my mom that leads me to buying it every Christmas.

I really enjoy eating the peppermint ice cream, but my newest fav. is to make my own flavored hot chocolate by making some tea and adding the hot chocolate to it. Tazo's berry tea hot chocolate is the best!!!