It's Trendy Tuesday...Do You Dare?

PATENT! Trendy or Timeless? My vote? Trendy AND timeless. I absolutely adore anything patent. From purple, to hot pink ,to red and of course the classic black, patent is a feminine stick of fashion dynamite. My favorite place to wear patent is on the feet. Especially red patent on the feet! The greatest feature of patent I think is it's the one type of material you can truly get away with fake'n it. Fake leather=cheese-o-rama. Fake patent leather=Yep, I'm hot! However, my advice when it comes to the shine: keep it to the shoes, handbags or belt. Stick it on a jacket and you'll look more like a futuristic raver or garbage bag rather than a trendy chic. NEVER, NEVER, NEVER wear head to toe patent! Patent rule of safety: wear subtly with a TON of confidence!

Here's a little article I found on mystyle.com.
Fear not. "Patent leather will be on the forefront through 2008 and into 2009," handbag designer Tammilynn Carlisle reassures us. "There is still a lot of patent leather being shown, but it has a new and fresh look every season, like new textures or colors." Anooshka Zakarian, owner of Rumor, a boutique that sells luxury handbags from Parisian designer Gerard Darel and other high-end lines, agrees, predicting that patent will stick around through at least the fall of this year. So we all agree on a key point: If you love the bag and its glorious shine, and you can afford it, by all that is holy, buy it! If you get a sudden case of the willies while queuing in front of the Coach cashier, Carlisle suggests, "stick with a neutral color, such as black, chocolate, taupe or gray. Color can be fun too, but think about it carefully before plunking down a lofty sum."But really, dear, as they say, art is long, life is fleeting. Treat yourself to a light-bright patent bag in a sunny yellow or tomato red Dooney patent, something that will give you joy whenever you look at it. That's what high fashion is all about.

My favorite line in the above article: "Something that will give you joy when you look at it. "

I want THESE little babes for spring. And the red patent Dooney & Bourke handbag pic. right. Hmm...if only. :D

Purple patent! Lucy thought she needed these.

Seriously princesses, go by yourself something patent. It's an excellent reward for yourself AFTER you've cleaned your undie drawer.

Edit Update: This is my next "life editing" project. The coat closet~yikes. I swear this disaster happened due to the Holidays. Yes, I will admit, it's never in great condition but this is just embarrassing. It's almost to the "heads up" stage when you open the door. Better get on this one before a board game falls on my head and causes me to wear a neck brace. Ew!
P.S. Cleaned my undie drawer yesterday? Did you?


Lauri said...

Funny, I cleaned mine out yesterday too! Threw away about 6 pairs!

annette said...

How funny that you would choose patent for your Trendy Tuesday item... I saw a pair of BLUE patent strappy platforms (not stripper shoes) **on sale** for under $10 (well.. plus shipping...) I passed 'em by initially, thinking I didn't have anything the would go with. But the more I think about it, I **DO** have something they'll go with. BLACK. And lots of it. Couple that with some very cute jewelry I bought from a designer last fall... and, well... I saw them again tonight and I'm on the verge of typing in my card # and dispatching them to their new home: my closet. I would have done it by now except that I just did a book order for my daughter (for $10, now that you mention it). Literacy or shoes... literacy or shoes... Hmmm.......

They want to be on my feet.