Just The 2 of US!

A VERY Happy Valentine's Day!

The Best Day Ever!
On one of the year's that it was my turn to do the planning, I decided to dedicate the WHOLE day to us (this was before the children!). It all began with my hubs taking the day off. He woke up to strawberry Belgian waffles and this special Valentine's date "invitation" (pic right) which included the day's agenda. This special day has since turned into our Valentine's Day tradition. And to this day, every year we have tried to repeat the original date~with a few minor adjustments here and there that is.

{Mommy/Daddy Agenda}
What do we do? My prince, since 2001, has always taken the day off! (It's a bit of a joke at his work.) We always start the day off with mini strawberry Belgian waffles and juice in fancy champagne flutes covered with hearts-picked mine up years ago at TJ Maxx. Our V-day wouldn't be the same without them! Then we head to the SPA-we prefer Spa Nordstrom-for some amazing treatments and well deserved relaxation. (NOTE/Tip: We both only have one credit card in our wallet and it's a Nordstrom Visa. We pay for our spa date with our reward points! SCORE! We save them all year for this day!) Next it's usually off for a little shopping and lunch. 2 things here...lunch is not nearly as busy as dinner on V-day, not to mention easier on the wallet! And then if time allows we'll catch a movie. The day always ends with some strawberry dipping in chocolate (G-rated dipping princesses. We do include our kids in this activity-see below) and then....;).

{Mommy /Daddy /Kido Agenda}
Since our date is daytime related, we leave the family LOVE for the evening. Sometimes we eat in, sometimes out, sometimes it's movie night in or movie night out. Whatever we choose as long as we're together, that's what matters. But one activity is guaranteed. Dipping the most ginormous strawberries we can find in chocolate for some finger lickin good. Pure decadence! {Conclusion}
Finding BALANCE =Happy Mom, happy Dad and happy children which makes for an especially GREAT day.

{Dipping Decadence}

A little pre-dipping yesterday for friends. These are SO easy. I've played around with a ton of different chocolates and methods. My favorite...Nestle Toll House chips (semi-sweet) microwaved in 30 sec. intervals. Burned a batch today~whoopsie daisy! Cool in fridge for 10 min. and then I like to place in white cupcake papers and wrap in individual cellophane bags for an extra special delivery.

{It wasn't me!}

Little twerp! She's just getting tall enough to steal goodies off the counter when there is no adult supervision around.

May you too find your own creative way to celebrate the special day of LOVE!


Lauri said...

That darn chocolate on the fave gives it away every time! She cracks me up, she is just like her Mommy ;-)

Jenette said...

Thanks for sharing one of those delicious strawberry treats with me last night. The note was very needed.