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Oh the beauty of VINTAGE, handcrafted, & thought. Mix the three of these together and you have a beautiful piece of art. Today's post...this and that's of Valentine goodness.

VALENTINE BOXES: Did you ever make one of these in elementary school to hold all your Valentine's? I remember one year I made a bubble gum machine and thought it was the coolest thing on the planet. That was 3rd grade by the way.

LOCKETS: The simplicity of a classic heart-shaped locket. My mom was really great about giving simple valentine gifts. One year she wrapped a special locket up for me. Unfortunately, I no longer have it but I do remember it.

The envelope is a darling alternative as well. I've seen many versions of these on-line and in stores. So sweet.

THESE are such little cuties and completely affordable!
THIS is such a sweet little necklace as well.

DOILIES: THESE handmade doilies are so deliciously dainty. Easy too! Doily...what a strange word!

CONVERSATION HEARTS: The Holiday of LOVE absolutely would not be the same without these. Putting taste aside,with the exception of the purple ones, these are one of my favorite types of candy to have around for Valentine's day. They instantly turn an empty candy jar into super cuteness. However, I'm not a big fan of some of the nowadays sayings~"e-mail me".

SUGAR COOKIES: My mom makes the BEST sugar cookies. A Rubbermaid of pink heart sugar cookies could always be found at our house on Valentine's day. Back in the day we (my two sisters and I) all had our turn at baking gigantic cookies for our boyfriends. I remember my sister had some friends over and they were all making them for "the boys". After all their hard work, one of my sister's friends dropped hers as soon as she walked out the door for delivery. Oh Darn!
LOVE NOTES: A simple little expression of love~the love note/card. We have a special book which holds all our "special" little notes of love that we have given each other over the years. (Do I save ALL of them?...NO!) It's really quite fun to pull these out every once in a while to remind myself that my husband isn't so bad after all. :) As you saw at the top of this post, I adore vintage V-day cards. So innocently sweet!

A few things I'd rather not receive for Valentine's Day:
Roses, a box of chocolates, stuffed animals, expensive jewlery...whatever...bring it on! That is if we've just won the lottery. :) A Jamba Juice ~aloha pineapple please~and Safeway tulips do me just fine!

A hundred hearts would be too few to carry all my love for you.~Author Unknown

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