Living in the land of Lala.
Princesses, why didn't one of you hit me upside my head (gently:D) and let me know Easter is THIS Sunday? How did that happen? What? Really? ALREADY? Can I cancel it until around the middle of May because I am NOT ready. HELP! Who out there is the professional Easter basket maker who can add that "personal" touch for my children? Crap...I guess that would be me aka Easter Bunny.
KISS (keep it simple sista)
This year I just decided to simplify my work load. My kids think Build A Bear is like Benny Jerry's ice cream-the BEST treat in the world. And since I'm such a cheapo mom and seriously only ever let them peek in that store (I do not favor stuffed furry things), I think this year they will be getting a gift certificate to "build" their own bunny. I'll tie it to a mini chocolate bunny and viola...the greatest Easter ever! All those plastic eggs filled with candy goes to waste at my house anyway. (wasted in my tummy~barf!)
Professional decorator?
All my Easter decorations are collecting dust in my garage. (at least I know where they are due the recent clean out!) Could you please come place them perfectly in my house? Thanks!
What are you serving?
I refuse to serve ham at my Easter dinner this year. Sorry guests. (BTW: I get to play host this year.) I'm am sooooooo over ham and cheesy potatoes. How do fruit kabobs, scones, waffles, brown sugar bacon, apple smoked sausage and maybe deviled eggs on the side sound? Sugar cookies, key lime cheesecake and something coconut might find it's way to the menu as well. We'll see how ambitious I get. :)

The GREATEST Easter tradition ever!
Our Easter tradition is an egg bashing contest. We've been doing it for about 6 years now and our Easter wouldn't be the same without it. Everyone comes prepared with a decorated Easter egg. Traditional dye only! No shrinky labels, no stickers, no fancies but you can use a crayon to name your egg. My hubs makes an official bracket and away we go. We place tape at each end of the table to mark where you have to release your egg and away they roll towards the center of the table. The egg that doesn't get cracked moves on to the next round. Then you repeat it all over again until the BEST crack free egg remains. Good times Bring it on baby! Princess Pookie has been practicing so watch out Brower Power!

Found this pic of my precious little Lucy in her first Easter dress. She was about 2 weeks old here. Now she's a sassafrass 3 yr old punk. But she's still precious.

What are you doing for Easter? Any traditions out there I need to know about? Happy basket shopping!!

p.s If you're hosting use paper. Who needs dishes with a house full of guests? Target has very stylish ones! Told ya I'm in to simplifying my life.


Pam said...

Yummm. I love your menu ideas! Now I'm seriously rethinking my traditional and predictable ham and party potatoes.

annette said...

We have fun plans... but what I can't figger out is how last year my kids knew the "truth" about the easter bunny, but this year they magically believe again....

It's a mystery.....

Why does the easter table require a big hunk of meat on it? Think outside of the box. Have an easter quiche? I dunno... good luck with that. Maybe we'll have easter happy meals as we'll be out of town. :) Hey, the kids'll LOVE it!

Lauri said...

This will be our 3rd year for Easter Egg rolling, thanks to your suggestion a couple of years ago. Makayla has the crown right now, and down she is going! I am hosting dinner this year and have NO IDEA what I am making. It is a combo Easter/Dylan's family birthday party so something creative is called for. Really he doesn't care as long as he has blue chocolate cake! And most Easter decorations creep me out! All those cooky bunnies with their sugar glazed eyes are to much!