It's FFF (Fabulous Fashion Friday)

Isn't it IRONIC?
Is it ironic that I'm sitting here blogging about fabulous fashions braless and in my pajamas at 2:00pm in the afternoon? Is it ironic that Valentino to me could be Italian for "Valentine's Day"? Is it ironic that a Prada purse costs more than the hardwood floors in my kitchen? Is it ironic that I blog about fashion and still don't know how to appropriately pronounce Manolo Blahnik (shoe designer by the way)? Is it ironic that I have to spell check the word COUTURE every time I use it? What the crap is COUTURE anyway?

Princesses, who am I kidding? I know nothing about fashion. 3/4 of my life is pretending like I know what heck I'm doing (motherhood included!). And 9 times out 10 if you caught me out and about somewhere my unwashed hair would be hidden under a hat, I'd be sportin' Nikes and my jeans would most likely have boogers or Cheeto powder on them. Speaking of Cheetos~What MAN invented Cheetos ? The bag needs to automatically dispense wet wipes when finished. Oh, I should market that! Anyway... welcome to the high falootin' world of Princess Pookie FASHION!

Who do I think I am blogging about fashion?
Yes, I can admit it. I am a nobody who blogs about so-called fashion!
I wear dresses with pants.
I regularly wear crazy legwear to church.
I dare wear hippie headbands.
I loved the leg warmer trend!
Gigantic rings are my BFF.
My favorite accessory is my HUGE plastic pink bead necklace.
Tube tops with T's underneath are sexy to me.
Flamboyant headbands with feathers make me feel fancy.
When I wear a bra it includes major padding.
"Couture" to me= Target clearance rack. (How do you spell that again?)

How Dare I?
Yes! The visual panty line makes me giggle.
Yes! White socks with black dress pants are tacky.
Yes! I will always and forever make fun of mom jeans.
Yes! I walk down the mall & often think, "What was she thinking?"
Yes! The perma-wedgie is NOT a good look (hello mom jeans!).
and Yes! Aqua socks will NEVER EVER be fashionable~never!

And YES...I will be the one with my zipper undone, lipstick on my teeth and grown out high lights in my hair.
And YES again, I will Laugh at myself right along side you.

Let me remind you of my fashion philosophy:
Wear what you want and wear it PROUD. Who gives a crap what anyone else thinks!

Now that is what I call fashion! As always...shop on!

Have a wonderful Easter weekend princesses! Are you sure we can't delay it til mid May? I'm a little annoyed Target doesn't have "holiday" hours for Easter!:D


Lauri said...

Wouldn't holiday hours be fabulous!? LOVE them!! Whenever I see black jelly beans I think of you. Happy Easter, hope it is fabulously different for you and the you win the egg contest.

annette said...

I second your motion for more time. I have 3 pairs of play shorts cut out and half-sewn that the Easter Bunny is bringing. Gotta finish them tonight so I can pack them up and stash them in the trunk of the car before the trip tomorrow.

Aye yie yie....

snow said...

Your fashion tips rock the world!! It helps me to feel normal and know there are other mothers out there feeling the same way I do.
Hey...do you remember the time shortly after getting your drivers license and we got in the car accident together? Do you remember what you were wearing? Back in the day...levi shirt and cranberry color shorts....I won't tell the rest of the story :) Again...I love your personality and I love your Blog!! Happy Easter!

Princess Pookie said...

"Snow"...not another word!:)