Mrs. Princess Pookie's Social Calendar

Happy Hippity Hop Day to you!
Wardrobe Theme: The color PINK!Does that come as a surprise to you?:D
Told you feather's make me feel fancy. Click here for your own fancy feather.

The TWO little twerps! Good thing I think they're really cute.

Mrs. Princess Pookie & Mr. Prince Charming
Sorry princesses...he's already taken.

Egg hunt fun.
Hubs is the BEST dad in the whole world and took the babes to the hunt and let Princess Pookie stay home~ Ah....quiet.

What do you know? Build a bear and ONE chocolate bunny?! Spring jammie's found their way in there too!

Being Girly

Pretty Princess everywhere!
The second we walked into church all the pretties found their way into the church bag. Those freakin' gloves took me 10 minutes to put on her! Are you kidding me? You WILL wear the pretties or no lunch for you!:D

Good Food...

Which one is mine and which one is Martha's?
MENU: Hashbrown egg nests, fruit & dip, mini whole wheat waffles, apricot sausage kabobs, asparagus cake (I just made that name up?!), 2 yummy jello salads, darling cupcakes (thanks Laura!) key lime cheesecake, fancy drinks! Ain't no ham on this menu!

Good Folk...

Happy hungry Easter guests! I made the carrot napkins. They turned out cute!

Good Fun...

The egg bashing "bracketology" as it is named by hubs. This is serious stuff princesses.

On your mark, get set, ROLL!

We did NOT win...

But this crazy dude did!
Uncle PBJ did you rig the egg roll? I sense it in those evil eyes.

Hope your EASTER was happy!

P.S. Who is having egg salad for lunch?:D


Anonymous said...

Okay whose crazy husband is that? I dont claim him that is for sure!!!

Kaybee said...

Looks like fun! I found your blog through Jenette!

Lauri said...

I'd like to let you know that I won our egg contest this year. Me and my prize plaid power(we have to name our eggs) will reign as this years champion! Hoppy Easter!

Sara said...

Happy Easter to you and your Fam! Cute Pictures of you all!

I was like a little chick with my head cut off at Easter-so much to do and see and eat etc. etc. and my little darling Ellee wouldn't keep her flower headband in! little stinker!

annette said...

I *love* ruffle socks (Lulu). The fuller, the better. CUTE CUTE!!!