It's Trendy Tuesday...Do You Dare?

Come on little wedgies. Come to Mama!
You can't tell me these babes wouldn't put a little shizzle in your wizzle.

It's wedgie time!~as in shoes! Do you have a weakness for the wedge? Love them or loathe them, the wedge isn't going anywhere soon. I LOVE them. Who am I kidding, I LOVE all styles of shoes (except aqua socks) but wedges are right up there with my Nikes. They give you the dress appeal of a fancy heel but yet give you the stability of a platform runway. AND they make your legs look longer and leaner~Really! But wearer beware..if you step on a crack your ankle is a gonner!

What should you wear your wedgies with? How about boyfriend jeans or a denim skirt and a girly blousey top! I dare you. Throw out those mangie Old Navy flip flops and upgrade to pair of fun, flirty summer wedges! You'll look DARLING!

Click HERE to view Nords full line of springtime wedges. Warning: Keep the wallet in its home. There are many temptations in store if you choose to click the link!:D

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neenerneener said...

hey! what's wrong with aquasocks? they go great with bathing suits to church! ;)