New Me!

Today I am getting my haircut! Praise the Lord! Halle-freakin-lujah! My locks haven't seen a professional since December-now that's just down right scary! The "ponytail" has ruled my hair motif for far too long now. It's time for a change. I would honest-to-goodness like to cut it all off but then I'm sure I'd come home and cry myself to sleep. And as every female on the planet knows, growing out your hair sucks. But so does washing, blow drying and straightening your hair...hence the EVERYDAY pony or my love affair with hats.

If you're like me you schedule your appointment at the earliest possible time in the day so that you can look hot at least for one day. And then you sleep on it very tenderly so that it will stay semi styled for day 2. But when it comes to day 3 and you try to recreate what the professional did to you two days ago you're SOL. Why can't I ever straighten my own hair as good as they do? I even bought the $1000 straightener and $500 "special" straightening solution. It must take a license!
Which one should I go with?

How many of you have taken a picture with you and have said, "I want to look like this?" and then when the stylist turned you around to look in the mirror you started to cry? Ya...I know you know what I'm talking about.
So...dish the dirt...I need something to laugh at. Tell us about your "special" haircut!
P.S. Does your hubs notice your new do?


Pam said...

So, I am very thrifty when getting my hair cut. However, I decided to treat myself and had it cut at a place that charged $65 in all (just a cut and style - yikes!). I HATED it! And what's worse, my hubby ALWAYS notices my haircuts, to a fault. He's a bit particular about it and always lets me know exactly what he thinks about it. Sometimes there is tact, and sometimes not! So, after about 2 weeks of trying to make my new do work, I took my $10 coupon to Great Clips, and in about 10 minutes flat I had my hair cut the way I wanted it cut in the first place, albeit a little shorter! I absolutely dread getting it cut again....

Sara said...

please post a pic. of the new style!!!!! Can't wait!