It's FFF (Fabulous Fashion Friday)

It's Flippity, Floppity SUN HAT day. Summer's here (well pretty close) and the BEST thing you can do for your face is protect it! Like I'm one to talk about facial sun protection-anti sunscreen rebel chick! Hats are an excellent summer accessory but, there are a lot of babes out there who just don't dare. How about you?:D Or rather, just don't think they can "pull it off"-hate it when princesses say that BTW!! Like everything else in the world of fashion, the shapes and styles of sun hats vary WIDELY. But once you find one that suits you, you'll love it.

Look out for...
Too large of a brim. Playing peek-a-boo is for your babe, not your hat!
Too stiff of a brim. These say Hello Gardner G-ma!
Too bright in color.
Too big of bows, especially on a stiff brim!
I have yet to find a strawish-like sun hat that I like. I stick with soft fabrics like the ones below! The straw ones scream TOURIST to me. I don't' know, just an opinion.

Picked up this playful girl at Burlington Coat Factory oddly enough. I despise that store but they have had, at least in the past, really cute hats! $14.99 Note: It's been a really long time since I've been in that store.

This one is going to be an '09 summer staple for me! Anthropologie $32

Picked this one up to match a swimsuit last year. Gap $12.99 on sale. Dearest Pam~viola!:D

Go get yourself a flippity, floppity sun hat this weekend. You'll look so posh!

Happy Flippity, Floppity Friday!

P.S. No, I didn't get a hair chop if you were wondering from the top pic. That's just my layers. However, a little Ah chop chop! sounds tempting!

P.S.S. I was at Target last night and bad news, thumbs down in the sun hat department!! At least I didn't care for any of them~barf! Google women's sun hats!

THIS is flop-o-rama but so stylish!

THIS doesn't fall into the "sun hat" category but it's really cute!


annette said...

Lovin' the tunes! :) Makes me wanna drink margaritas (non-alcoholic for me, thanks) and dance around my table with Sandra Bullock and Nicole Kidman ala Practical Magic. Love that movie....

Rebecca Parker said...

so not re: hats, but question & comment for princess herself since i never get to see you in person:)
?=where to enroll dane (4 y.o.) in dance class primarily for hip hop 'cuz he has this cool robot dance & breakdancing already in his repertoire...
Comment=almost bought you Boynton book @ Target 'cuz called something like "Dance Little Pookie" & totally reminded me of you:)
i'll take your response off the air if you prefer:) my e-mail is siostrards@hotmail.com
miss ya in puyallup!

Lauri said...

I decided that I love hats and need to add a few to my collection! I love that white one, don't be surprised if it "disappears" from your closet

Rachel said...

I was totally thinking you did the big chop-chop to your hair. You look great in both long & short hair. I've been sooo tempted to get a big chop myself...we shall see. Love the hats btw.

Jenette said...

Thanks for the PS I totally thought you had cut your hair!

Pam said...

Super cute hats. Can't wait for Monday! Thanks!