Paging Dr. Cyber

BONJOUR Princesses. Are you alive out there? Did you survive without your daily dose of Mrs. Princess Pookie? :) Did you think I had strangled myself with my wrap dress? Or perhaps you thought I might be recovering from a black eye due to a cat fight over the last Betsey Johnson baby doll dress on clearance. Well actually, the truth is I hopped on the red-eye Friday night to Paris to do a little weekend shopping. It was absolutely fabulous and the street-side crepes were delectable. The weather was more than superb and there's nothing more romantic than carrying all those pretty little boutique packages back to your hotel room. Okay, enough already! I'll spare you. THIS is what's really wrong and THIS is how I feel! My gem of a computer has already been to see Dr. Cyber once and now she must go back for a much more invasive operation, as in a complete wipe out! Let us all pray that she comes back with all her parts! YIKES! Please do check back for more ridiculous fashion fun!! In the meantime... SHOP ON PRINCESSES!
Mrs. Princess Pookie

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Shana Eberhard said...

Not to sound nerdy, but may I suggest getting a Mac... they are wonderful beautiful computers that never crash or act up. You'll love it.