You Better SHAPE Up

Introducing to you Sketchers "Shape Up " shoes.
So while doing some late night on-line browsing the other day I noticed that Nords had a section under the shoes category called "toning shoes". Being curious I had to check it out. Here are one of the fabulous pairs of shoes that came up. These things are just freakin UGLY! Shape up shoes? Ya right people, just get your tooshie to the gym! Read THIS for more info. LAME! However, I'm pretty sure THESE will make you want to play at the gym every day!
See you tomorrow for FFF (Fabulous Fashion Friday).
P.S. If you buy a pair of these you're only allowed to shop at Walmart!

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Lauri said...

I saw these are a Footlocker and was reading the tag and the sales lady was like "oh yeah I have these and the 1st day I wore them I was so sore" I thought they were interesting but would rather go workout then wear ugly!