It's Trendy Tuesday...Do You Dare?

{jean leggings}

Ultimate comfort, TRENDY girliness and more than affordable.
These are my latest purchase and THEY ARE THE GREATEST! "Jeggings"! Funny little name but a fabulous invention by HUE (A brand I have thoroughly enjoyed for years!) They look like jeans but have the comfort of leggings. Pair with something that covers your butt (I don't care how cute your butt may be, it's not cute in leggings) and boots or flats and you are a fashionista in TRENDY, stylish comfort. You can find these in the hosiery section (got mine at Nords) or click HERE to pick yourself up a pair. Do it! Trust me, you won't regret it.
Buy! Buy! Buy! I DARE you.
P.S. The blue demin were cute, but in my opinion black is always a better choice when it comes to this style of clothing.


annette said...

YAY!!! I need these! I have a very cute top that's too short to be a dress and too long to be a shirt, looks weird with regular jeans, would be ok with a knee-grazing pencil skirt but I don't really like my knees........ And these would be perfect!

Lauri said...

Makayla has a pair of these in the denim hue. Perfect for a girl that doesn't like jeans! She loves them too. Oh great, my 9 year old is more fashion forward than me on this one. YIKES!!!