Is it WRONG or is it RIGHT?

One day it's cool, the next day it's "Oh so wrong". FASHION FAUX PAS! The constantly changing fashion world can potentially make it a bit difficult to make even the most colorful individual look out of place. However, there are certainly a fair share of fashion rules out there that are made to NEVER be broken. For example:

Fanny packs
(I don't care if you're on vacation.)
PLS -pantie line syndrome
(Says... "Look at my big butt.")
(Business up front, party in the back!)
(Two words: GET MEASURED!)
Guy liner
(Save it for the ladies dudes!)
Gaping blouse buttons
(Get over yourself. It's too small!)
Socks with sandals
(Wrong even in the Pacific Northwest.)
Camel toe-ew!
(No comment.)
Muffin top
(We don't want to see it.)
and let us not forget...
Mom jeans

Yes, we are taught to be individuals. Yes, we are blessed with fashion freedom. Yes, rules are made to be broken. BUT, if you exercise your fashion freedom by sportin' camel toe causing mom jeans, a fanny pack with your flip up sunglasses and a uniboob up top then watch out HOT Mama, I'm calling the police. Why? Cuz there's nothing HOT about that! End of story.

What Fashion Faux Pas makes you giggle? Me? Aqua socks!
Note: To view any of the above listed fashion blunders just take a trip to Wal Mart!:D

By the way...I'm being featured HERE. If you win I'll help you turn a fashion no no into fashion yes yes. Good luck. AND...if you don't win HERE. Check back cuz I've got something up my own sleeve this week!

It's February...Happy month of {LOVING}!
P.S. Check out my weekend find. I can't wait to show you what I'm doing with it. It's from one of my FAVORITE boutiques that just closed their doors (tears). It's her sign. I had to have it. It's HUGE and it's going in my house.


Becky said...

So true! So true!

sarah said...

i was just told about her store yesterday. sad I missed out.

Jessie and Taylor Miller said...

I stalked on over to your blog from your etsy shop(that i found via the give away today blog) and I wanted to just let you know how fun you are! Seriously! You have the cutest family and the cutest style and such a great outlook on life! You will most likely be hearing from me soon in the etsy world because I have my eye on a few little goodies from in there!