It's Trendy Tuesday...Do You Dare?

The boat-neck striped T.

The TREND that just keeps on keeping on.

I love stripes. I love boat-necks. I love wearing my striped boat-neck T on my yacht with my patent blue "boat shoes" (BTW love that THESE made a come back.) Did I mention my yacht fits in the bathtub?:D

What a boat-neck top means to me:
1. Hooray! Spring is on the way.
2. Navy stripes. I swear I will wear navy one of these days. Then once again default to boring black.
3. Do I look like a sailor? Who cares, sailors are hot.
4. Classic comfort in the Hampton's. Game of Polo anyone?
5. Do these stripes make me look fat?

And most importantly....it's still a t-shirt without looking like a boring stupid t-shirt. Does your wardrobe include a striped boat-neck top? It should!!!! It's one of those TRENDS that can hang in your closet for 10 years and still be in style. Go. Shop. TREND it up now. I DARE YOU!


sarah said...

must admit, I have a red striped boat neck shirt that i love. :)

annette said...

Careful with the boat neck. I wore one for my last driver's license picture. No biggie, right? Wrong. The photo was cropped so you couldn't see any of my shirt. It turned out looking like I was nekkid in my picture, immortalized until my next driver's license renewal... (This spring, now that I think about it! Suggestions on driver's license picture attire?)