Rain Goddess

In my part of the world it rains at least 9+ months out of the year thus making an umbrella a mandatory accessory. However, if I'm being honest, they annoy the crap out of me. First and foremost, whenever one would really come in handy, it NEVER seems to be handy. Second, who wants to carry the stupid thing once you're indoors? Right? As I walked through the mall doors (okay Nordstrom doors) the other day a cute grandma asked me if it was raining. I excitedly told her no. She said, "Honey that's why I carry an umbrella with me. As long as I carry it, it doesn't rain." Isn't that the truth! Thanks grandma! What's my alternative to the umbrella? A plastic bag! Cutesy umbrellas are fun and all but they can be such a nuisance to keep track of as you're digging through the racks. And let's face it...everyone has lost a cute umbrella in their lifetime. Plus, once you take an umbrella out of it's special bag, good luck stuffing it back in. My advice...Save the cash and buy a hair accessory instead! Just make sure you always keep a spare plastic shopping bag in your car for those rainy days. Please note: If I see you out and about with a plastic bag on your head, I automatically get permission to call you Ethel!

Tandem Umbrella...clever!

P.S. Wal-Mart bags are the sexiest! Especially when you tie the handles under your chin!

Rainy Day Fashion
Don't rainboots put a smile on your face? When was the last time you went puddle jumping in a darling pair of little rainboots? Talk about making you feel young again. Last winter I found a pair of rainboots at Nordstrom that I totally fell in LOVE with and thought I had to have. Well thank goodness they didn't have them in my size cuz I pretty much found a perfect match at target.com for less than 1/2 the price. (featured in my STOP and Shop! post & below) As cute as rainboots can be, there are better ways to wear them than others.
For example:

Exhibit A: (outie jeans) "I enjoy making myself look like I have cankles. Please pass the super-sized fries."

Exhibit B: (tucked in jean) "I am prim and proper and I like all my accessories to be matchy matchy. Would you like a piece of my homemade apple pie with fresh whipped topping?"

Exhibit C: (messy scrunchie/semi roll jean) "I am an unorganized crazy busy fun-loving gal. Bring on the Costco frozen lasagna baby!"

My little eyes spied these and these and these. Oh, and these are little cuties too! The rain sure can be gloomy but rainboots make it much more enjoyable! And what makes the rainboots of life even more enjoyable? The rainbow after the storm has passed. I LOVE a rainbow!

Silly Princess Idea: Think you're too old to go puddle jumping? Nonsense! For your next "Girls Night Out" go play silly in the puddles. Do it in a Starbuck's parking lot and then enjoy a fancy hot drink & some girl talk afterwards. I promise, this will put a smile on your face!


annette said...

WHEW! I am SO relieved. I really *AM* stylish after all! hahaha! We don't have the rain issue, but we have mega snow and I snowshoe whenever possible. On the weekends, sometimes I won't bother with shoes, coz I know I'm going to be playing in the snow... I'll throw on my boots, not totally done up, and my jeans will be bunched up at the top ala exhibit C.

And all this time I was worried I was putting on my very best Napoleon Dynamite. I'm saved!

Lauri said...

I'm glad you did the "how to wear your boots" part. I always wear my jeans over my boots and then what's the point in them being so cute? Guess I must have wanted cannkles that you very much. But I don't know if I can quite let go to have them SO non-chalantly rolled up. How about evenly-ish rolled up? :-) Matchy-matchy is some I am recovering from, please forgive me!

Lauri said...

Oh-that would be cankles, not cannkies. That sounds that a whole different problem.